Assaf Evron | Untitled (Series R)

A wall unit stands in a desert setting on the way to Yeruham. Forgotten, unidentified, not dividing anything. Its casual presence revealed as an appearance out of place. It is an object reminiscent in size and proportion of the monolith that appears in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A space Odyssey”. In the film, the object is unidentifiable and impenetrable, possibly the origin and meaning of all existence. This strangeness and abnormality bring to mind the ways in which a monument is placed in public space and claims its anomality.

The photographic outlook and the circling around the impenetrable object stir the imagination. In each photograph, Evron intervened in the colour palette of the object that was supposed to connect with the desert landscape, thus emphasising the impossibility of its integration within that environment.

photography: Tome Bookshtein