Leor Grady | Untitled (Marmorek)

Grady returns with this work to the story of “The Yemenites of Kinneret”, who settled near the Sea of Galilee in early 20th century (1918-1930). Similar to the pioneers from Eastern Europe, they lived and worked in Kibbutz Kinneret and contributed their energy, strength and spirit to its development, yet they were not accepted as equals by Zionist leaders in Palestine or by Jewish organisations. The Yemenites of Kinneret were forced to leave, and moved to the village of Marmorek (later on part of the city of Rehovot). As they moved to their new homes, out of longing for their previous home they planted dozens of palm trees next to their houses as monuments and as testament of the home that was at Kinneret. In his work, Grady deals with the unusual nature of the palm tree as a constantly changing, personally and collectively replicated monument in space, allowing us to consider the entire neighbourhood to be a commemorative monument.

photography: Tome Bookshtein