A Series for Forgotten Monuments

Concept: Udi Edelman | Design: Guy Saggee | Printing and production: Uriel Har Tuv

A series of posters newly tributing three of the earliest modern monuments built in the pre-1948 land of Israel/Palestine in veins similar to posters announcing the establishing of a national site or a ceremony taking place in it. The monuments in the series all attempted to define a different relation to this land. One is commemorating Napoleon’s French soldiers, erected in Haifa in the beginning of the 19th century; another is the monument for the Hejazi railway, erected in Haifa as well in 1905 honouring the 34th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire;

and the third is a monument in memory of General Allenby and the British conquerors of Jerusalem, erected in Jerusalem in 1920. All three propose an imperial logic connecting the local area to the areas adjacent, and to the spreading of empires prior to the Spring of Nations of 1848 – the national awakening around which had led to the forming of the Zionist monuments we’re familiar with.