The Archive and Collection

Materials from the Israel Architecture Archive as well as several estates and private collections are presented in the exhibition. These materials provide various alternative outlooks in relation to monuments in Israel.

The archival materials in particular invite us for an examination of the form of existing and planned monuments that share an “out of this world” aesthetic, that is to say, monuments that look like spaceships or futuristic landing sites. That aesthetic is not coincidental, and is bound to the spatial alien-ness monuments are meant to create and the extent to which they claim to step out of the order of the everyday. Among cases presented is a sketch for the INS Dakar Monument, situated at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem, planned by David Anatol Brutzkus (1969).

Alongside the archival materials is exhibited a collection of memorabilia – postcards and stamps, pins, statuettes, key rings, posters and coins – replicating specific monuments in home-size versions as personal objects, souvenirs from commemorative sites. Examining the above materials pushes us to ponder the relationship between those items and the original monument, and its meaning.