Maarav is an online art and culture magazine. The website is non-profit and strives to promote original creation, disseminate and enrich the discourse on art and culture, and thus to also contribute to society and promote a democratic, pluralistic, and attentive discourse. Maarav, the first online Hebrew-language art magazine, was established in 2004 and has been acting continuously ever since to research and present the field of contemporary art, discuss it, and critique it from our current place and time – Israel at the start of the twenty-first century.

Maarav seeks to explore the nature and ponder the future of art that is created in a space of ongoing violent conflict; art that endeavors to exist under capitalistic conditions and free market rules; art that engages with one of the principal hubs of clashing cultures; art that is searching for its place in the digital revolution and attempting to understand what to do with all the techno-digital toys that are so alluring and so threatening to it; art that carries on its back the gift and burden of Jewish history, culture, and tradition; art that is also searching for its place outside museums and galleries, in popular culture and public spaces; art whose creators are also political activists, programmers, journalists, teachers, musicians, philosophers, and designers.

Editor-in-Chief: Udi Edelman

Editorial Board: Avital Barak, Meir Tati

Founders: Galit Eilat, Michael Kesus Gedalyovich, Eyal Danon

Founding Editors: Ronen Eidelmann, Yonatan Amir