Naama Hadany | Glal, 2016

On her return from her MFA studies in Chicago, artist Naama Hadany went back to live in Sde Boker, a short distance from the Desert Sculpture Gallery established by Ezra Orion, where he worked and created for most of his adult life. For the Orion issue of Ma’arav Hadany created the image “Glal” especially for the digital format. The image is a reflector on which there are cigarette ash “droppings”. The surface is activated by a camera flash which creates flickers and changes in the tone of the light depending on its closeness to it. In the artist’s words: “I think of this work as ‘micro-sculpture’. The computer screen produces a sort of infinite yet intimate space in which even cigarette ash, as trivial as it might be, could be a stone line in Sde Zin or on Mars.”