Dov Or Ner, 1000 kg of Fish, 1973 + Discussions in the Orchard, 1975

In these two actions and on other occasions as well, Dov Or Ner created a dialogue with the people of his kibbutz by means of artistic action. In 1973, prior to Independence Day, Or Ner was asked to provide 1000 kg of fish for the festive kibbutz meal. Rather than cooking the fish in the kitchen, as was expected, Or Ner set up a big pool and invited the kibbutz members to catch the fish themselves, kill them, and clean them of their entrails in preparation for the meal.


The “Discussions in the Orchard” event in 1975 was held following the words of then Minister of Agriculture Aharon Uzan concerning Arabs working on Jewish farms. Or Ner initiated discussions with kibbutz members and orchard workers on the state of the industry and the Palestinian laborers. The discussions were held while the artist worked picking fruit, and in a meeting with all the kibbutz members. With these and other actions Or Ner transformed kibbutz and group life into an artistic event, and the kibbutz members into active participants.[1]

[1]  Dov Or Ner, ibid, p. 204.