Pinchas Cohen Gan, Letters and Publications

Over the years, Pinchas Cohen Gan (b. 1942) wrote hundreds of responses, letters of criticism and complaint against journalists, curators and artists, academics, and government entities. His conceptual and theoretical work in art, which engaged with the concepts of border, refugeeism, and man, is an inseparable part of this series of writings in which he levels criticism, and at times literally launches verbal attacks, against colleagues and establishment entities. In this instance, life and art are one. The chain of correspondence is presented in anthologies put together by the artist, culminating in a book, “Art, Law, and the Social Order” (1999, independently published). In this book Cohen Gan summarizes his legal battle against Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and the lawsuit he filed in the High Court of Justice concerning the inherent discrimination against people of Mizrahi extraction in educational institutions, which exists with the state’s agreement and under its aegis, and is based, according to him, on prejudice and social stigma.