Ezra Orion, Dust Hill, 1984

 After prolonged service in the regular army and reserves, Ezra Orion (1934-2015) was invited to serve as the emergency officer at Ramon Air Force Base. There was a huge mound of earth on the site extending over an area of 100x200x22 mr for the purpose of filling craters in the runways should they be hit by rockets.

Orion, a creator of land art and “tectonic sculpture” according to his definition, instructed the bulldozer operator to create a large furrow in the middle of the mound of earth. In other works Orion regularly utilized his friends and colleagues from the army to create huge sculptures from concrete and natural stone. He also enlisted prime ministers, government ministers, and ambassadors to execute projects that were not of this world.

The first chapter of Monument/Action engages with Orion’s work and modes of action.

photos: Avraham Hay