Sharon Keren, Application Documents for Change of Name and Address, 1974

In 1974, Sharon Keren (b. 1950) launched a series of applications to the Ministry of the Interior that developed into a direct dialogue with Israeli bureaucracy. The series comprises two principal actions: the first, Keren’s application to change his name to Fatma Khaled, which was denied, and the written dialogue that ensued and engaged, among other things, with questions of freedom and morality. In the second action, Keren submitted weekly applications to change his residential address in the course of several months. The action created a two-faceted situation: on the one hand, the state knows at any given moment where a citizen resides, and on the other, there is no way to contact him since there is no one address at which he can be located. Keren submitted the series of applications as a final project during his art studies at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, in which the series was presented for the first time.