Introduction / Udi Edelman

In April 2001, the CDA held its first exhibition. In the small space of the center’s former residence on Yirmiyahu Street, Holon, the project ‘Vinyl Video’ by Gebhard Sengmüller was shown. The project, curated by the center’s founding director, Galit Eilat, created a system of storing and displaying video on analog records and included new collaborations with Israeli artists. In many respects, this first undertaking with regard to media both new and old, collaboration and research, expresses the core essence of the broad range of activities that have come to define the center over the years. Now, as we celebrate the center’s first two decades, it is a time to reflect back as we also look ahead to the future, reviewing changes over time, the qualities that characterize it and the possibilities for what is to come. At our journal, Maarav, we have invited writers, artists, curators, and collaborators to consider the center and the significance of art institutions at this time. The first set of articles is presented in this collection and additional articles will be published throughout the coming year as we enter the center’s third decade.

Translated by: Zoe Jordan